vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Le ministre de la Santé grec reconnaît que le système de santé de son pays est digne du Tiers-Monde

Greek Health Minister: We are a third world country

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Greece’s Health Minister, Andreas Loverdos, finally saw what millions of  Greeks have been experienced  for decades: the unbelievable misery of the health system. The country’s health system is resembles that of a third world country, said the Minister.

Speaking to VIMA FM  about the need of merging hospitals and the state of health system, Andreas Loverds said: “We are a clear third world country!”. And asked rhetorically whether the IMF had to come here and tell what it had to be done.

I love it when governing party PASOK ministers are stunned about the conditions ruling Greece. I love it when they act as if they hold an official post for the very first time, as if this government is on a virgin governance trip.  However, I really do hope he will proceed to changes that will turn the system to a second world country, at least…. Even that would be a revolutionary progress!
The Greek Hospitals Drama

Last June I published a post about the situation in Greek hospitals and the corruption that costs the Greek taxpayers million if not billions of euros every year. Here is a short excerpt:

    The pictures in the Greek state hospitals has always been embarrassing for an EU-country.  Patients would wait for endless hours in crowded corridors inhaling the sticky air. They would be examined in wardrobes-like rooms by doctors who would often not even stand up. Examination at a distance, I’ d call it.

    I have had my foot bandaged with the cheapest material, had an x-ray performed by a not properly working machine.

    I have visited dirty and broken sanitary facilities.

    I have hunted cockroaches climbing up the wall in the room where my freshly operated father was laying.

    I have shared the care of a nurse with other 29 patients.

    I have met security staff execute tasks of a nurse or administrative personnel.

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