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La Grèce, une destination dangereuse pour les femmes britanniques : les viols de touristes

Fri 15 Aug 2008

The largest number of British rape victims in Greece

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Greece attracts three million British tourists a year and now has more rapes reported (41 this summer) than Spain, which gets 17million Brits visiting a year. A senior police official in Athens said: “This figure is the worst ever in our records. “Greece will have the unenviable record of having the largest number of British rape victims, both in real figures and in proportion to the number of British holidaymakers.”

Last year, British consular officials dealt with 39 cases of rape, compared with 17 in 1998. The rise happened despite an anti-rape campaign which was launched by the Foreign Office in Greek resorts last month. Posters, postcards, beer mats and leaflets were distributed in resorts popular with Britons, warning them to be wary of sex attackers.
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"britishgirl says:
April 6th, 2010 at 7:42 am

As a victim of an attempted rape october 2009 in crete, I would like to respond to the two comments, which are clearly speculatory and ill informed. First of all in my case I did not know my rapist. Secondly, my rapist broke into my apartment using a knife to cut the wood of the door around the lock. He was wearing latex gloves and a tshirt and NOTHING else… ie. no trousers, no underwear, no socks, no shoes, no mask, no hat. He had no pubic hair (I assume he shaved them off to prevent DNA idenification). In the stuggle he dropped the massive (approx 10inch) knife he’d used to cut my door with and threaten me with…. are you still saying that I asked for this? Are you still saying I wanted sex with this man and called it rape? Also the police registered my emergency call but chose not to answer it as it was from a UK mobile. The rapist took 1 hour to break in and I had no help and no escape. I left Greece in fear of my life. On my return to the UK I was told that the victim of crime money does not apply to crimes that happened abroad. As a result of this crime, I lost my home (I was living in Crete), my peace of mind, my trust in the world, my nerves, my trust in men and was unfit for work on my return home to the UK. I was in such a state for the first 2 months that I was afraid to be alone in the house during the day and in general. I am not the sort of person who sues or makes claims for money. I should have applied for unemployment benefit, but was in no state to do so mentally. 6 months on I have got over the worst of it and am now working again. But since I was unable to work or get to an unemployment office I am now in debt due to this. Basically, neither of you know what you are talking about. There were 2 other cases last year during my stay in a village in crete of attempted rape… those girls were dragged into bushes at the side of a road… they did not know their attackers either. I think rapists pick on English girls because they have a reputation for being ‘easy’ and also because after their holidays, they conveniently leave the country. They are also usually heavy drinkers so make for easier targets. The fact that I had hardly drank much that night probably saved my life and my chastity. By the way my rapist WAS GREEK… not Albanian as all the Greeks like to suggest. Also despite my being blonde, young and pretty, rape is an act of violence and not an impulse of desire… it doesn’t matter what a person looks like- it happens to old ladies too unfortunately."