mercredi 24 août 2011

Grèce : un pope grec a appelé à attaquer une station de radio macédonienne

Greek Priest Calls for Attack on Macedonian Radio Station
Friday, 19 August 2011

Greek Priest Anthimos as a "true Christian" has asked for 40-50 Greeks to board buses, go to Lerin and break and burn the Macedonian radio station because, according to him the Macedonians would air propaganda.

Anthimos' statement was issued after the announcement of Pande Ashlakov, the head of Ovcarani (Lerin) who said that "Vinozito" had received a license for a Macedonian language radio station that would be broadcasting program from Lerin to Solun.

Ashlakov at the Ilinden celebration said the radio will start working at the end of the year and as part of its program will have live shows and news.

Anthimos was seething, claiming the damned people will probably name their radio "Macedonian radio".

- How is this possible? Are we the Greeks allowed to have a radio station anywhere in the Balkans? asked Anthimos.

The Greek priest shouldn't be worried, for example the Macedonian State Radio (paid for by taxpayers money) has broadcasted programs in every Balkan language, including Greek for more than a decade. 

Greek media reported the Solun priest was asking for 40-50 volunteers to board buses head to Lerin and attack the radio station.

With losing his "What Would Jesus Do" bracelet, priest Anthimos seems to have lost his way.
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