mercredi 24 août 2011

La chancelière allemande Angela Merkel mécontente les Grecs en prononçant le mot "Macédoine" pour nommer... la Macédoine

Greece Unhappy with Merkel over Macedonia
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Greek media attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a speech in Zagreb for Croatia's state TV (HRT) in which she called Macedonia --> Macedonia.

"It is important for Serbia to cooperate with Kosovo, Bosnia needs a stable Government, while Macedonia should work on solving their problem with Greece", stated Merkel in the interview for HRT.

Greece's media is angry and disappointed with Merkel's statement, numerous printed dailies in Athens vetted their anger...

"While the name conflict remains unsolved, certain people do not miss the opportunity to remind us that they have already chosen a side. In a period when Greece is not popular in german, German Chancellor Merkel caleld Skopje, Macedonia."

"At a time when Germany is working on solving the Greek debt crisis and its Chancellor portrays herself as a Greek friend, Madame Angela Merkel does not miss a chance to remind us that after all she is a German" says a Greek daily.

The Greek media is rather harsh towards a country that has sustained Greece's standard of living since the 1800's.

Another German daily says that this is not the first mistake by Merkel, "she has been calling 'them' Macedonia since 2007".

It's not clear how will Chancellor Merkel continue living her life now that the Greek media is upset with her.
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