dimanche 7 août 2011

Le journal grec To Vima : "si seulement nous avions nous aussi un Erdogan"

Greek newspaper praises Turkish PM
To Vima posted an op-ed on its web-page regarding Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A Greek weekly newspaper eulogized on Friday the Turkish prime minister.
To Vima posted an op-ed on its web-page regarding Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and entitled the article as "only if we also had an Erdogan."

The paper wrote that Erdogan took over Turkey when Turkey was about to bankrupt, and defined the prime minister as a historic leader who had made Turkey a country that could not be shared among biggest powers in the world.
Erdogan has done more in Turkey than Caramanlis and Papandreou families, that ruled Greece for two generations, did for Greece, the Greek paper wrote.
To Vima said Erdogan saved a majority of Turkish population from poverty, drew foreign investors to Turkey, and achieved an amazing development rate.
The paper wrote Erdogan had a significant international political and economic role, and even U.S. President Barack Obama put to implementation giant energy projects and other agreements Erdogan signed with Russia, and made his first visit to Europe to Turkey.
Erdogan had launched a struggle to change Turkey's old order and chaired the Supreme Military Council (YAS) on his own for the first time in years, the newspaper wrote.
The Greek newspaper also defined Erdogan as a historic international leader.
Erdogan's Justice & Development (AK) Party won 50 percent of votes in June 12th general elections, and Erdogan formed the 61st government of Turkey in July.
Source : http://www.worldbulletin.net/?aType=haber&ArticleID=77122