lundi 22 août 2011

Un cauchemar devenu réalité pour les Grecs de Chypre : une vague d'arrivées touristiques exceptionnelle dans la partie Nord de l'île

Tourism arrivals to the north ‘break all records’

Published on August 14, 2011

TOURIST ARRIVALS broke all records for the breakaway state in the north this year, the north’s ‘tourism minister’ Unal Ustel was quoted saying.

According to Cyprus News Agency, Ustel said the north saw more visitors in 2011 than any other year since 1974.

Ustel noted the significant increase in tourist arrivals between January and July this year compared to the previous period in 2010 while hotel capacity reached 62 per cent last month.

Between January and July last year, the number of tourists had reached 112,949, with 76,714 staying overnight in the north, said Ustel. In total for 2010, 319,000 tourists stayed in the north, with 1,165,970 overnight stays recorded.

This year, July alone saw a 47 per cent increase in tourist arrivals compared to last year, with 26,645 arrivals last month, compared to 18,090 in July 2010. The figures were higher in July 2009 however, with 22,192 arrivals while July 2008 saw 20,237 arrivals.

He highlighted the fact that 2011 was declared the “year of North Cyprus tourism’ in Turkey, a campaign which will come to an end in November.

According to Ustel, tourists from 13 destinations arrived by charter flights to the north, despite efforts by Greek Cypriots to prevent them coming.
The flights, which will continue until October, stop off in Turkey before reaching the north.

Tourism revenues are expected to reach between $430m and $460m this year, compared to $360m-$370m the year before, he said.

Charter flights have been coming via Turkey from the Netherlands, Poland, Azerbaijan and Iran, while efforts are being made to begin charter flights from southern Europe and Russia, noted Ustel.
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