mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Augmentation du prix du gaz azéri transitant vers l'Ouest : la compagnie turque BOTAS poursuit la Grèce pour ne pas l'avoir prise en compte

Turkey and Greece at odds for Azerbaijani gas

Wed 14 September 2011 06:44 GMT | 8:44 Local Time

BOTAS demands from the Greek side to bring transit cost to compliance with new conditions.

Turkey in the face of state company BOTAS has decided to file a claim against Greece in the Court of Arbitration in Switzerland, to challenge the prices and volumes of Azerbaijani gas supplies to the country.

According to Sabah newspaper, the Turkish Ministry of Energy has also confirmed that the action is already being prepared.

The lawsuit is filed in connection with the increase of the cost of Azerbaijani gas for Turkey from $ 120 to $ 250 per 1000 cubic meters.

BOTAS demands from the Greek side to bring the transit cost to compliance with new conditions. However, the newspaper notes that the Greek side does not agree with that formula and insists on maintaining the old price.

BOTAS says that the debt of the state energy company DEPA of Greece to Turkey for the supply of Azeri gas is $ 300m.

"Despite our repeated appeals, the Greek side has not responded to them. So we decided to collect the dept in court.

In addition, the lawsuit will give us a guarantee to get our money from Greece, which is now facing default ", BOTAS said.

In case the decision of the arbitration court in favor of BOTAS, Turkey will have the right to seize the Greek aircraft, vessels arriving in this country, and Greek real estate abroad.
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