mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Immigration clandestine : l'UE enfin prête à sanctionner la Grèce laxiste et décidément inutile en l'expulsant de l'espace Schengen

EU Wants to Suspend the Schengen Countries with Problems
Posted about 20 hours ago

The European Union will propose on Friday a linkage of Schengen countries with problems, a move partly designed to put diplomatic pressure on Greece, for it to keep immigrants out of the area of free movement.

The proposal, informally called “Greece clause” to be announced once the new measures proposed by the European Commission for tightening the rules governing the free movement area. This will allow a country to be temporarily suspended from Schengen, case in which there will be reinstated border controls between the country and the rest of the EU.

“Any move to exclude countries (from the Schengen area) will be clearly directed at Greece, among others, which has been a problem since the accession to Schengen in 2000,” said Hugo Brady, from the Centre for European Reform in Brussels.

Of the estimated number of 104.000 immigrants who illegally entered the EU in 2010, about 88.000 reached by passing the Greek border. Even with an increasing number of immigrants arrived in Malta and Italy from Libya and Tunisia in recent months, Greece is likely to remain the main gateway to Europe of illegal immigrants in 2011.

The Commission’s proposal says the prospect of suspension of the Schengen has a more deterrent effect, following to be used only as a last resort, if the country fails to meet EU assistance.

Some officials believe that Greece has already reached this point. Over 26.000 immigrants have crossed the border between Greece and Turkey from the beginning of this year, according to the European agency Frontex. This happened despite the numerous Frontex missions to strengthen border and the fact that Greece received about 350 million euro from the European budget in seven years to secure their borders and to deal with refugees.
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