mercredi 14 septembre 2011

La Turquie et Israël participent à l'exercice militaire naval Danex/NoCo de l'OTAN, mais pas la Grèce (pourtant membre de l'OTAN)

Both Turkey And Israel Are Taking Part In DANEX / Northern Coasts 2011 Naval Exercise

13 Sep 2011 by Devrim Yaylalı

This is going to be one of the largest NATO naval exercises out side of the Mediterranean.

The exercise Northern Coasts (NoCo) was first held in 2007. The aim of the exercise is  to prepare participants for potential NATO operations.

This year the exercise Northern Coasts is combined with exercise Danex. Consequently, there are also references to current, real operations. To the security of international maritime transport is by blocking threats such as pirates, terrorists or possible intervention by nations in the freedom of maritime transport.

Besides, from the merger of the two naval maneuvers this year Explosive Ordnance Disposal and the German (EOD) training in SANDY BEACH will be integrated into Danex/NoCo too.

The Sandy Beach is one of the largest mine clearance divers and explosive ordnance disposal exercises. With  this exercise the soldiers are getting ready for the challenges in the NATO Response Force. Thus, for the first time on a larger scale soldiers from various nations involved to the mainland.

And two of these nations taking part in this exercise are Turkey and Israel. Turkey participates with the frigate F-245 TCG Oruçreis and special forces EOD teams. I find such situations funny and ironic. On one hand to politicians of the two countries are fighting a war of words and rising the tension on the other hand the soldiers of the two nations are taking part in the same exercise. It is obvious that the preparations for a naval exercise of this proportions started long before the recent crisis between Turkey and Israel. But I think it can be seen as a good indication that the EOD teams of both countries are participating the same exercise.

Click here for the scenario of the Danex/NoCo naval exercise.
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