lundi 26 septembre 2011

Le magazine allemand Focus : "Les Grecs hors de l'UE, les Turcs dedans"

The Focus magazine praises Turkey

22.09.2011 - 13:24

An article by Uli Donch which was published on the German Focus magazine claimed that Greece could go bankrupt anytime and praised Turkey's growth performance. Donch wrote that Turkey which has been conducting EU membership talks since 2005 was still considered as an agricultural cuntry by Germany, but that it deserves to join the EU more than many other countries. Stating that Europe, consisting of an old population, needs Turkey more than Turkey needs Europe, Donch indicated that Turkey enjoys great economic data, educated and hard-working young population. He added that the rapidly growing and improving Turkey wouldn't wait in front of Europe's door for a long time and suggested that Europe becomes Turkey's partner, instead of being a slave to Greece.
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