vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Le ministre des Finances grec Evangelos Venizelos le reconnaît enfin : "Nous [les Grecs] avons la chance d'être sous un contrôle international, sinon nous serions coincés."

Greek FinMin: We Are Lucky To Be Under International Control

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This unbelievable sentence was worded by Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Wednesday morning while he was informing the parliament about his talks with the Troika on Tuesday night and stressing the need of new austerity measures. In a speech sprinkled with dramatic tones, Venizelos spoke of  “absolute fiscal derailment” and the fact that “each year the debt is growing because the budget is in deficit. “We continue to generate deficits” he said and emphasized “This is the plight of the country”.

Venizelos warned of Greece’s risk of economic collapse if no deficit cuts are made and no international aid will be given. “We have not fully understood the danger we face, that the system could cease operating , that the national economy could cease operating,” he said.

Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos warned Greeks Wednesday that the country runs the risk of economic collapse if it doesn’t make progress on its deficit-cutting agenda needed to secure fresh international aid.

He acknowledged that the country has to impose additional austerity measures to meet its budget targets, as demanded by the international creditors. He accepted that the property levy is heavy but “justified” and stressed “we are lucky to be under international control otherwise we would be stranded”. And added that “when you depend on the markets, you have to accept the creditor’s point of view”. (sources:, )

Many internet users asked why the Greeks need a government, when IMF’s Tomsen & Co do the work. They lashed out and blamed the government for inability to solve the economic problems of the country.

Governing party PASOK deputy Mimis Androulakis asked a ‘national unity government with a prime minister of common acceptance ‘ stressing that “under the weight of developments one or two PASOK deputies cannot do the work”.

Alternate Development Minister, S. Xynidis told TO VIMA FM that he is willing  to accept citizens’ “anger and even a hurled yogurt“. He spoke of mistakes and delays.

Another deputy threatened to resign.
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