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Les feuilletons télévisés turcs à l'eau de rose connaissent un grand succès en Grèce

Turkish soap opera becomes popular in Greece
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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Christos Loutradis
ATHENS - Hürriyet Daily News

A new trend in Greece comes from Turkey and its name is "Binbir Gece" (Thousand and One Nights), a Turkish soap opera.

The soap focuses on a Turkish love story that has magnetized Greece's television audience in such a way that the majority of the Greek press speaks about a Turkish invasion of Greek TV.

It is the second time Binbir Gece has aired on Greek TV and the soap’s story continues to magnetize Greek audiences. Currently Binbir Gece is being shown on one of Greece’s biggest TV networks, Ant1, and at prime time, 9 p.m.

The new Turkish mania has become so widespread in Greece that even in the first day of football's World Cup Binbir Gece captured 30.5 percent of viewers while the match between Uruguay and France caught just 28.2 percent. It is the first time that a soap beat the ratings of a soccer match in Greece.

The two leading actors of Binbir Gece plan to visit the Greek island of Santorini for their summer holiday, reported Espresso, a Greek daily. Last month, the two leading actors were on the front pages of the two most prominent gossip magazines of Greece.

Binbir Gece is also the talk of the town among Greeks who try to overcome the consequences of the financial crisis. “To Vima” leading commentator Kosmas Vidos said in his weekend article that not only the model of soap opera between the two countries is similar but also that Binbir Gece is a good solution for TV networks hit by the crisis.

George Pleios, professor of media at the University of Athens, had a different explanation for soap opera’s success. He said the soap Binbir Gece was not a sign that Greek society realized that the two cultures have a lot in common.

“I think the success of this soap opera shows the growing fear and compassion that the Greek media as well as the society have for the Turkish government and Turkish society,” said Pleios.

“For the Greek public and the media, Turkey is tough to deal with in foreign relations and is full of emotion,” he said. “This emotional aspect is what differentiates Turkey from Europe. Greece has always wanted to be European, even though it has had more in common with non-European societies.

“As a result of Turkey’s leading position in the region, this dichotomy is what leads to the Greek public watching Turkish soap operas to replace the loss of Greek identity in the international arena,” Pleios said.

This is the second time that a Turkish soap opera results high ratings in Greece. The first was the “Borders of Love,” which was about a love story between a Greek man and a Turkish woman.
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Turkish soap operas wind up on Greek televisions
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Monday, August 9, 2010
ATHENS - Anatolia News Agency

Turkish soap operas are expected to attract thousands of viewers in the coming TV season in Greece. According to Greek media news reports, Turkish soap operas in Greece began with “Yabancı Damat” (Foreign Son-in-Law) and peaked with “Binbir Gece” (1001 Nights). Sources said Greek TV channels choose Turkish soap operas more often than United States ones because they are cheaper.

Turkish soap operas “Aşk-ı Memnu” (Forbidden Love) and “Gümüş” (Silver) will be broadcast on Greek TV channels during the coming winter season. “The series have all the criteria to become successful,” Greek bloggers said.

“Binbir Gece” was shown on the Macedonia TV channel in Greece in October 2009 and broke the record for the highest number of viewers. Later on, the series was shown on channel ANT1 and drew 1.1 million people each day.

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, star of "Aşk-ı Memnu" which will be broadcast on channel Mega this season, is thought by Greeks to be as handsome as a Hollywood star and will draw great interest from Greek women.
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