jeudi 29 septembre 2011

Malgré toutes leurs pleurnicheries chauvines, les Grecs reconnaissent la Macédoine indirectement

Greece recognizes Macedonia... Indirectly
Monday, 26 September 2011

- Foreign passports who have noted "Macedonia" as the place of birth, Greece recognizes them as valid and because of this we can issue a document for "Registration of an EU resident", says the Ministry of Civilian protection in its official response to a Greek MP from the LAOS party.

Velopoulos apart from getting a response from the ministry, asked the same question in Parliament, as an argument that Greece indirectly recognizes Macedonia.

- Greek police recognizes a country called Macedonia? As a place of birth? And then you tell me that we will never recognize the country? Where do we live? Here it is... (shows document) We are recognizing a country named Macedonia, we recognize their birth place, but we don't recognize Macedonia only in Parliament. In fact, we recognize them, only indirectly. Who are we kidding here? asked Kiryakos Velopoulos, LAOS MP.

This frequently animated Greek MP is a member of the ultra nationalist party LAOS and is known for asking the most questions in each parliament session. Most of his questions are concerning Macedonia.
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