mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Mauvaise nouvelle pour Athènes : l'ouverture de l'aéroport Alexandre le Grand à Skopje est pour bientôt

Alexander the Great Airport Nears Grand Opening
Monday, 05 September 2011

After the 18-month modernization and construction, the Skopje Airport will open its new and modern terminal in a few days. The terminal capacity will reach up to 4 million passengers a year.

The reconstruction of the terminal was financed by Turkish TAV, which took over the airport in March last year and will manage it the next twenty years, until March 2030.

Apart from the construction of the terminal, the investment included expansion of the runway, the cargo area and the parking lot.

According to the investor, the airport is now the most modern airport in the Balkans and thanks to the favourable position, it should become the Balkan transport centre. Last year, TAV also renovated the St. Paul the Apostle Airport in Ohrid.
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