lundi 5 septembre 2011

Ne pouvant pas assumer leur défaite au basket, des débiles de nationalistes grecs ont tenté de bloquer la frontière gréco-macédonienne

After Loss to Macedonia, Greeks shut down border
Sunday, 04 September 2011

 Several buses packed with Greek citizens last night parked their vehicles at the Evzoni border crossing (Greek side) and didn't allow any transit of travellers for half an hour, reports Skopje based Kurir.

 This 'protest' came as a result of yesterday's loss to Macedonia which apparently made many Greeks unhappy. Protesters carried typical political and Anti Macedonian banners as part of their protest.

Macedonia's Ministry of Interior confirmed the news, explaining that after a short stoppage in transit between the two countries, things were quickly normalized.

Update: An hour ago, there was a similar attempt by Greek nationalists to block the border, reports Skopje based Dnevnik.
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