lundi 5 septembre 2011

Selon le journal allemand Die Welt, la Grèce doit sortir de la zone Euro

Die Welt: Greece must leave the euro-zone

Posted on 04 September 2011 by Emmanouela Seiradaki

German newspaper Die Velt continues its propaganda against Greece, urging EU leaders to show Greece the euro-zone exit. The new article clearly states that Greece should be allowed to default on its debts and leave the euro as it is folly of attempting to fight the inevitable. The article compares the current situation in Greece with the Augeas’ stables myth (he hosted the greatest number of cattle in the country and had never been cleaned — until great hero Heracles showed up) noting that this time there is no Heracles to clean up the country’s mess. It also mentions that expeling Greece would teach Berlusconi a lesson so that he will finally apply the austerity measures needed.
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