samedi 8 octobre 2011

Le magazine allemand Bild se penche sur les salaires des politiciens grecs parasitaires

Bild: What is the Salary of Greek Bankrupt Politicians?

Posted on 06 October 2011 by Fani Toli

German newspaper ‘Bild’ focuses on the salary of Greek politicians in an article published on the website of the newspaper.

“The situation in Greece forces Europe to doubt if Greeks accept the reforms”, comments Bild concerning the last demonstrations in Athens,adding that “Greeks do not want to accept the imminent default of their country”. Thus “they should abolish every privelege of their politicians”.

Bild newspaper also refers that new reforms in Greece are ridiculous, since the earnings of the Member of Parliaments for Commitees faced a cut from 250 euros to 150.

The German newspaper focuses on Theodoros Pangalos, Vice President of the Greek Government, who stated officially that he cannot afford the recently imposed property tax, although he gets 640,000 euros through inheritance property and owns more than 50 cars, according to the paper.

Finally, Bild presents precisely the privileges of Greek politicians:

    MP’s salary: 8594 euros per month
    Supplementary salaries during Christmas (500 euros), Easter (250 euros) and vacations (250 euros)
    4 secretaries and 1 consultant
    3300 euros per year for using 4 telephone  lines
    Free transferring on trains, buses and ships
    Up to 60 free of cost flights for MP coming from district areas
    1000 euros allowance per month for housing
    Interest free loans
    All Members of Parliament over 65-years-old receive not only pension but also compensation.
    Members of Parliament can receive a pension after a 4 year tenure.
    Members of Parliament can  partially deny to give information about their property.
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