mardi 8 novembre 2011

Bild : les Juifs allemands inquiets et mécontents de l'entrée éventuelle du parti extrémiste LAOS dans le "gouvernement grec d'union nationale"


BILD: German Jews Oppose Far-Rightists in New Greek Government

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Giorgos Karatzaferis, leader of the far-right party LAOS is currently meeting President Karolos Papoulias. Karatzeferis is expected to support the new Greek government and he doesn’t exlcude the possibility to join it as the ‘third’ coalition partner.
Then what kind of a ‘national unity or salvation gov’t’ can be established if it consists of only two political parties out of eight?

However the first objections to participation of Karatzaferis came form the …German Jews.

The Central Council of Jews has expressed outrage over Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou negotiating with Karatzaferis over a government of national unity, according to German BILD newspaper. The chairman of the Central Council, Dieter Graumann, told populist BILD: “A proven anti-Semite should not be a member of the Greek government with which the German government would then have to negotiate on equal terms, for example on new billion-aid package. I hope that all parties are wise enough to avoid such a moral and political catastrophe. ”

BILD claims public statements made by Karatzaferis such as:

    “Bei der Gründung seiner LAOS-Partei im Jahr 2000: „Wir sind die einzig wahren Griechen. Wir sind keine dieser Juden, Homosexuellen oder Kommunisten.“ – ENGLISH: During the LAOS establishment in year 2000: “We are the only real Greeks. We are not from these Jews, Homosexuals or Communists.”

BILD claims that Karatzaferis has also denied the Holocaust.

A LAOS-MP at the Greek Parliament to KTG that he described the BILD article as “deliberated”.

After the meeting with the President, Karatzaferis told reporters that his party will be on the spectators’ seat. So no worries, BILD, LAOS will not participate in the new government.

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