lundi 14 novembre 2011

Le Comité Juif Américain tire la sonnette d'alarme concernant la participation de l'extrême droite grecque fanatique à l'"union nationale"

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Jewish Organizations Concerned by Extreme-Right Party in Greek Government

Posted on 13 November 2011 by Fani Toli

Jewish organizations have expressed concern over an extreme-right anti-Semitic party in the new government of national unity in Greece.

“We are deeply concerned by the presence in the new unity government of the LAOS extreme-right, headed by Georgios Karatzaferis,” the American Jewish Committee (AJC) said.

According to reports, Karatzaferis has made outrageous statements about Jews, including spreading the libel that Jews were involved in the 9/11 attacks by their alleged absence from work that day.

Karatzaferis has also stated: “The Jews have no legitimacy to speak in Greece and provoke the political world. Their impudence is crass.”
“We urge the new Greek leadership, understandably preoccupied with the economic crisis, not to permit any such expression of outright bigotry or anti-Semitism to emerge from its ranks,” the AJC said in a statement.

The new Greek government of national unity includes the minister of Karatzaferis’ party, Adonis Georgiadis who has in the past advertised and endorsed a controversial Greek book called “Jews: The Whole Truth” on his television show broadcast on Karatzaferis’ tv channel.

The book has been described by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) as a “defamatory, anti-Semitic book in which Jews are called ‘subhuman’ and are directly threatened with annihilation.”.

The American Jewish Committee has voiced its “admiration and respect” for outgoing Prime Minister Papandreou who, it said, “forged a warm link with neighboring Israel, which has accrued to the mutual benefit of both countries.”
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