samedi 28 janvier 2012

Les Grecs se plaignent auprès Ban Ki Moon de t-shirts moqueurs à leur endroit...

Greece pleads to Ban Ki Moon to do something about Mocking...    
Friday, 20 January 2012

You know you have some serious issues when you request a meeting with UN head Ban Ki Moon and plead with him to do something about the mocking at the expense of Athens.

The only problem is, Greece is being mocked by virtually every country, every newspaper and dozens of TV shows throughout the world. This means Ban Ki Moon will be very busy for the next few years.

Greece sent their UN representative to complain to Moon that 1,400 year old world famous carnival in Macedonia (Vevcani), has mocked their country by setting up a mock funeral. The NY Times, the Financial Times, the Economist, the Guardian, Deutche Welle and dozens more have all had mock funerals for Greece.

But Greece was obviously more 'disturbed' with the mock funeral during the Vevcani Carnival in which a coffin wrapped with the Greek flag was paraded with death info stating "Greece: born with London Protocol 1830, Died in Hague 2011".

After finding out the Greeks have complained, Vevcani officials did what they have been good at for the past 1,400 years.... continued to mock Greek politicians by sending them an official letter among other things stating:

"The Republic of Vevcani held a session in which your country's complaints were discussed. We urge Nimitz to come to the region and start negotiations at once in order for you to tackle your latest crisis."

Next stop for Greek politicians is "The Simpsons".
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