dimanche 12 février 2012

Janice Atkinson-Small : "La Grèce doit arrêter ses dépenses militaires ou bien il n'y aura plus de pays à défendre"

31 January 2012 5:29 PM
Greece needs to stop its military spending or there will be no country there to defend

Greece is bankrupt but their military is shopping for arms.  In 2010 Greece spent a greater share of its income on arms than any other Nato country except the US.

In the meantime, Greece is seeking a deal with private lenders and the EU "by the end of the week" its prime minister said today, as Athens races to avoid a financial meltdown ahead of debt repayments due in March.  Although arms dealers expect it still to be business as usual.

Greece’s top military brass plan to buy up to 60 Eurofighter aircraft, costing €4bn and a number of French frigates and German subs.

Continuing tensions with Turkey and the fight against foreign migrants are cited by the generals as reasons for necessary military spending .

I wonder why migrants would want to cross into Greece with its hospitals only handling emergencies, their schools lacking textbooks, riots on the streets and welfare spending being slashed?

Apparently, the Merkozy twins have insisted that Greece honour its existing arms contracts and even sign new ones.  When Greece announced in September that it would not take delivery of four submarines built by German company, ThyssenKrupp, alleging technical faults, this led to accusations that Athens is effectively defaulting on a €520m contract.  They also cancelled tenders for a flight of maritime aircraft worth up to €250m. No wonder Merkozy are calling for an unelected EU official to be in charge of Greece’s budgets. 
Source : http://atkinsonsmallblog.dailymail.co.uk/2012/01/greece-needs-to-stop-its-military-spending-or-there-will-be-no-country-there-to-defend.html

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