mardi 12 juin 2012

Des touristes allemands en Crète : "Nous ne payons pas les bières car vous nous êtes redevables"

German Tourists in Crete Say ‘We Don’t Pay for Beers Because You Owe Us’
By Marianna Tsatsou on June 5, 2012 in News

A night club in Hersonissos on Crete was turned into a Far West Saloon, when German tourists denied paying for the bill.

The Germans, after having consumed much alcohol, had fun in a crowded bar of Hersonissos, and did not want to pay for their beers, saying that Greeks owe money and they do not owe the bartender anything!

When a Greek group of friends heard the Germans denying to pay the bill, they got angry and soon the bar was turned into a modern arena. The Greeks outnumbered the Germans in the brawl. Needless to say, the Germans left the bar with many bruises.

(source: Proto Thema)
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