mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Chypre : un pope grec reconnu coupable de viol

Cyprus: Priest Convicted in Abuse Case of Young Girl
By Nikoleta Kalmouki on November 5, 2013 in Crime, Cyprus, News, Society

The District Court of Nicosia, passed a guilty verdict to a priest in Cyprus accused of abusing a minor girl. The family of the priest was the girl’s foster family.

The priest was accused for indecent assault, between 1995 and 2000, while the victim decided to speak after years, at the instigation of a psychologist who also testified in court. The psychologist explained that children of vulnerable ages are not able to understand what constitutes as abuse.

The court ordered the detention of the priest in the central prison until his sentencing. According to the newspaper “Politis,” the court having heard the oration of the defence counsel, will announce the priest’s sentence on Monday.

The welfare services office, who placed the girl in the family wasn’t worried as they hadn’t received any complaints. The girl had only once reported maltreatment by the priest’s wife, but they didn’t believe her.

The priest’s lawyer asked leniency from the court, with the main arguments; he said that many years have passed since the committed offences to come to a conclusion of criminal responsibility. He also marked the consequences that the priest will suffer after the conviction which will lead to his dethronement.

According to the newspaper, the priest intends to appeal against his conviction, regardless of the sentence that the court will impose.
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