vendredi 22 novembre 2013

L'ancien président allemand Roman Herzog rappelle une évidence historique : "La démocratie n'est pas née en Grèce"

Roman Herzog: “Democracy Wasn’t Born in Greece”
By Nikoleta Kalmouki on November 21, 2013 in Economy, News, Politics

The former president of Germany, Roman Herzog, in an interview to the newspaper Handelsblatt, claimed that democracy wasn’t born in Greece.
When the journalist mentioned that the trump card of Greece is the birth of democracy, the German politician said that he believes that democracy’s mother countries are Switzerland and England.

In the same interview, Herzog was asked about whether European solidarity should be expressed with financial aid or with the requirement of more responsibilities. “The financial aid alone is not enough. There are also other forms of assistance. The financial assistance should be put in the first line. That is why money should be allocated according to a new Marshall Plan. However, human behavior is critical.”

When the journalist observed that Greece will need further support by the euro zone and that the patience of the its partners will reach its limits, Herzog replied that “the fact that Greece hasn’t the economic power of other countries, was clear from the start. The weaknesses were known, but there were no problems in the fields of human rights or religion. In contrast, Turkey has a much stronger economy but the above issues are not harmonized with the European law.”
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