mercredi 7 mai 2014

Selon la presse allemande, la Grèce ressemble à un pays du Tiers monde

German Press: Greece Resembles Third World Country


by Nikoleta Kalmouki - May 6, 2014

A recent article in German magazine Focus states that “the good news from Greece is misleading,” and that “this exhausted country will depend for many years on the support mechanism.”

The article, referring to the food giveaways in Greek street markets, reports that thousands of people were rushing past producers’ stalls and raiding their trucks to get free fruits and vegetables, likening the scenes to those of a third world country.

According to Focus, the gaps between classes are huge – many people don’t have enough money to cover their basic needs, while others have found extremely creative ways to hide their wealth from the Greek state.

However, the German magazine claims the Greek media is presenting a completely different picture, citing recent headlines such as “Greece is saved,” “Greece achieved primary surplus,” or “Return to markets”.

The article claims that although Greece and its foreign creditors keep saying that the Greek economy is experiencing growth, the “success story” is excessive. Europe is experiencing the fifth year of financial crisis and Greece is plunging deeper into recession with its people suffering, Focus notes.
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