mercredi 3 février 2016

Massacres de l'EOKA B : découverte d'un charnier en Chypre du Nord

Bones of 86 Turkish Cypriots found

January 26th, 2016 Katy Turner Cyprus

Experts have found the remains of 86 Turkish Cypriot civilians buried in a mass grave at the village of Santalaris in Turkish occupied Famagusta, reports said on Tuesday.

According to daily Turkish Cypriot paper Kibris, the remains were found in a mass grave of people murdered by the EOKA B paramilitary organisation in August 1974.

In total 126 were killed.

The victims were from the villages of Santalaris, Maratha, and Aloda, inhabited entirely by Turkish Cypriots, which were located next to each other in the Famagusta district.

The men of the three villages had been rounded up and sent to Limassol on July 20, the day Turkey invaded the island.

Citing the committee on missing persons, Kibris said teams of experts were digging in seven locations in the north and one in the Republic.
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